Wednesday, August 26, 2009

College Ragging


Ragging Problem @ Colleges

a Mental Health Issue?

Increased incidents of ragging in colleges become menace and have become greater concern for educational authorities and policy makers all over India. Although criminologists have long recognized the strong correlation between peer pressure, personality profile and family background and a person's misconduct, the mechanisms underlying this relationship remain elusive.
In the name of welcoming and introducing the new students to the college setup, ragging has become a notorious practice in the colleges and universities and other institutes of higher education these days. Today ragging has assumed to torturous, vulgar, criminal and inhuman forms of bully in the Indian colleges, the government of India, even the President of the country has to warn about serious actions.
My question is – Those who involve in ragging incidents, both the persecutor and the victim, have some personality or mental health problems?
Ragging takes precedence today in the form of senior students harassing their junior counterparts to satiate their own perverse sadistic pleasures. This results in causing grievous physical as well as mental trauma to students. In many cases students who succumb to ragging develop a psychotic fear that traumatises them throughout their lives and quit their college education. In a known case to me, junior students were able to harass seniors because of a dominating male in the junior group.
Therefore, my question still remains, does personality characteristics of the victim a contributing factor in ragging incidents?

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