Saturday, March 27, 2010

Museumization of Kabunianism

The Cordillera mountain ranges in the Philippine Northern Luzon Island are the home of indigenous people collectively known as Kaigorotan (Igorot peoples). These indigenous Cordillera communities have a homogeneous identity in socio-cultural traits, religious beliefs, and a household deity called anitos. The traditional Cordillera traditional religion has its own cosmic worldview. The supreme God is often identified with the sun and lives in space, referred to as Kabunian.

Western influences arrived in the Cordillera through the Catholic missionaries in the early 20th century when missions and schools were established in Mt. Province and Benguet (Medina, 2000). Thus Museumization of Kabunianism started. Today only a small minority practice pure traditional native religion and the majority follow a conflated or mixed version of Christianity or Kabunianism.
I am compiling my doctoral thesis in to an easy to read book. Hope this summer will give me some space for this work.


  1. Beautiful! I will also write a book based on a research colloquium that I gave last month. It's on the EPIC Generation: experiential, participative, image-driven, and connected. I hope we exchange books soon.