Friday, March 30, 2012

Human Rights Abuse on Elderly People - Book

Recent Book Release:
Human Rights Abuse on Elderly People
ISBN10: 9350560984
ISBN 13: 9789350560983  

This book is a compilation of research papers which highlight the human rights abuse on elderly people at families, social places and at care-homes. In the Indian scenario, human rights abuse on elders is a day-to-day phenomenon and the bane of the society; however the severity of the problem could not be clearly understood due to lack of information, reports and studies. The inability of the elders to face the challenges of daily living, places them in a helpless and precarious situation as victims as well as persecutors. Old age can shake the elders but cannot destroy the happiness if old age is well planned and adequately prepared.
The book highlights the various problems faced by the elders at various places; identify how the elders can manage such situations and what could be done to eradicate this menace of elder abuse in the Indian society. 
The book is published by Discovery Publishing House, Delhi.

01123279245, 01143596064, 01143596065

Those who are interested in the concerns of elderly people can buy a copy and read the various research papers, views, concerns and issues related to elderly people and human rights abuses.

Rs.800 is the price of the book

May be the publishers can give some discounted price for senior citizens and organizations working for the elderly people.

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