Saturday, February 2, 2013

Corporate Gene-therapy

Organizational DNA and Corporate Gene-therapy
 Dr Janetius, 2013

Recently one of my friends requested me for an appointment for consultation. I was glad to spare some time with him.
His issue was complex; the problem was regarding his work in an institution. There is no organizational structure, widespread unethical practices and total chaos and confusion. All the good works, best intentions, creative and innovative ideas of my friend has no place because the chairperson is not keen on giving any freedom to anyone to take any decisions. Of course, my friend is holding one of the top managerial posts in the institution.
Since the owner and top brass of the institution has no clear-cut division of labour and proper organizational structure, he interferes anytime, anywhere, with anyone … He is an impulsive and petulant type of person... an autocratic Maharaj. 
As I slowly analyzed the situation, I was able to understand that the particular organization’s DNA could be the best example for ‘how an organization should not function’. All I could understand was that the organizational DNA is completely corrupt and damaged; it needs some corporate gene-therapy, starting from the leader and his functioning style.
Well, my friend has only few options before him now: 1) quit the organization 2) close the eyes and get the salary 3) ask the leader and the owner of the organization to undergo some corporate gene-therapy.
I can’t ask my friend to eat crow. The third option is not a very practical one as far as my friend is concerned because he is not in a position to tie the bell on the cat's neck. The owner is an irascible person. The smart thing to do is to lie in wait for the right time to quit the organization for better pastures.
However, I was breaking my head to find some ways and means of doing corporate gene-therapy not to correct the hair-brained contrarian or to save his organization from comatose but to experiment some corporate gene-therapy models.

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