Friday, April 18, 2014

Three Circle Student Empowerment Model for Rural Indian Colleges in the Digital Era

3-C Model Student Empowerment 

Abstract: The current Indian higher education over-emphasizes scholastic as well as intellectual features of development whereas various other areas are often neglected. In the past decades, rural Indian adolescents preferred jobs after completing their secondary schooling; however, digital natives look for college degrees rather than a job. This positive trend in the digital era has paved the way for an adverse situation in which an increased number of unmotivated, unrelenting, unfocused student force entering into institutes of higher education. Added to that, due to globalization, the mushrooming higher education institutions have made the traditional altruistic educational sector in India into a major business arena limiting the quality of input and output. Many educational institutions limit themselves to mere lesson oriented classroom lectures and thus fail to focus on the holistic development of students. The confused and distracted digital natives need guidance and direction in creating their future identity through education. 

In view of empowering the rural digital natives for holistic development, well-being and mental health, the authors prepare an Empowerment Program named Three Circle Model (3-C Model). This study gives rationale for this model and evaluates the efficiency of this model.