Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Brazil World-cup 2014 and Fakers

As the world cup games went on, I started to hate the game because often I get the feeling that I am watching WWF. if an opposite side player touches another one, he falls and cries for help.... Flopping and faking injurious increased notoriously and it spoiled my desire to watch the game. Except few teams, majority of the teams use this dirty trick of falling on the ground for a very causal touch of the opposite team player, howling as though you’ve in the verge of death until the referee grants a penalty kick or shows a yellow card. The moment it is granted, the fellow in the death bed jumps up like a horse and ready to take the penalty kick… weird … and dirty bastards… As a writer in a website narrates, “It is the mindset behind today's player to fall to the pitch and roll around in agony as if death itself were surely about to take them at any moment …… Only to miraculously return to the field moments later and, once the ball comes their way, running once again like the wind, forgetting they were so close to death just moments before”.

I am not a hardcore fan of soccer. However I love to watch the game more than any other sports. I was eagerly waiting for the world cup and bought a new TV at home and got cable connection in the house where I stay near my workplace.
My favourite team was Spain and alas they were out soon… Then started to like Brazil and Argentina. I printed the schedule and kept it on my table and marked the matches I would like to watch. Days went on… not days , nights went on  (because the first match time is 930pm in India and the second match is 130 am). I am force to burn the midnight oil to watch the matches.

Probably, the only person who can solve this problem and allow the people to watch a good soccer match would be the referees. Ignore a fellow who falls on the ground or ask the doctors to carry him out of the pitch… don’t allow a fellow who pretends to be in death agony to play and at once substitute him with another player… or refer to a third umpire by the help of technology and if found faking, ban him for couple of forthcoming matches with a hefty fine.
It is really a shame to watch Netherlands player Robben made a fake fall and got a penalty kick that eventually gave them a birth in the next round. The irony is that Robben himself confessed to the press that it was a fake fall and made the referee a fool. Robben must be kicked out of the world-cup. In the next match when I saw Robben playing against Costa Rica, I felt like spitting on that idiot who is a cheat and coward…

Hopefully, in the coming days fifa will come up with some strong guidelines to safeguard the game against these floppers and fakers so that simple souls like me can watch the game uninterrupted and also in peace.