Sunday, November 16, 2014



Indian psyche today is like fast food and looking for quick fixes for any given problem rather than long term solutions.
Let me illustrate this with few examples:
*                             A girl was raped in a car in Delhi
*       Ideal solution: Women have the right to freedom, independence and respect; educate men to respect women
*       Indian solution: Since the lady is raped in the car which had dark sunscreen in the windows, Indian supreme court orders to remove sun screen stickers in the cars all over India so that we can avoid such incidents in the future  
*       People are hit on the road by speeding cars
*       Ideal solution: Roads are meant for cars and vehicles because they have paid road tax to use it; educate people not to walk on the road obstructing the movement of cars. 
*       Indian solution: Put speed breakers on the roads so that people can walk comfortably  on the roads and no one will be hit by speeding cars. 
      An annoying situation in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu: From Kovaipuder junction in Palakkad – Coimbatore Road to Perur- Siruvani 7 KMS road stretch has 21 speed-breaker humps (many more than what I see in Bhandipur National Park where animals move freely on the road)
*       In a college, boy students make comments on girl students in the corridors
*       Ideal solution: Educate male students to respect girl students and behave properly
*       Indian solution: Students are not allowed to stand in the corridors during intervals and lunch break; if someone is found loitering  in the corridors the HOD of the particular student is accountable

*       There is a possibility of ragging by senior students inside the college

*       Ideal solution: Educate senior students to respect junior students and behave properly

*       Indian solution: Teachers are appointed all over the college to supervise Students 30 mts before the start of classes, during intervals, during lunch and on the road where students gather for bus
Indian psyche today is very narrow, not for sighted and never look for permanent solutions rather short-sighted and look for instant emotional solutions. 


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