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Philately: the art of stamp collection

Philately: The art of stamp collection
 ISBN - 978 1517014650

by Dr John Sundararaj
(Dr John Sundararaj is a  versatile and multi-linguistic person with multiple degrees both from India and abroad.  His interest for stamp collection started in India during his school days in the early 60's and developed as a hobby in Europe and became a passion now. He has organised more than fifty philatelic exhibitions at various parts of India and has visited hundreds of schools guiding students the art of stamp collection)

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I have been collecting stamps for about thirty years and I could not find a handbook, which can help me to understand how I must collect it and what I must collect it and how it should be presented in an exhibition etc. Since I have been involving myself with the department of posts in conducting workshops for the School Children I thought it is of Paramount importance to have a handbook on philately, which could help everyone who collects, may get some preliminary idea of stamp collecting.
If not for anything else the Internet has encouraged many new people to pursue this fascinating hobby. It is a well-known fact that philately has attracted millions of people of all ages who take keen interest in collecting stamps of various countries of the world. Unlike other sports, interestingly there is no age of retirement in philately!
Many newcomers to this hobby especially School children, request a lot of information regarding stamps & how to go about it the right way. To all those who have inundated me for information I am now adding some basic thoughts to further their knowledge. Some of the information exists already on the net; and some books are also available. I have just gleaned it from there & presented it here in the manner I thought fit so even a child can understand. For all those facing a similar predicament I have tried to incorporate soaking tips, Types of stamps, Types of cancellations, types of post offices, a few websites, glossary of philatelic terms and all such information into these pages. I would appreciate if philatelists would contribute more information or correct me in the notes I have presented. - Dr John Sundararaj 
the book has a special chapter on the psychology of collection, by Dr Janetius.

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