Monday, June 18, 2018

St.John College, Dimapur

St.John College Dimapur 
This is my new home now.  I never thought that I would settle in The Seven Sisters of India in the last phase of my career. I was feeling more comfortable in Tamil Nadu psychologically. Even my short stint at Jain University, Bangalore was more of a confusing period than productive one of my career. I put a full stop to my confusion and unsettled feeling of Jain University when I met the couple Menuo & Peter who administer St.John College Dimapur
I got a gut feeling that they are open to change, innovation and creativity that my mind was longing for in the field of education.  My evidence based understanding of adolescents, the innovations in the field of education that came out of my years of experience will be accepted and taught to the faculty in the course of time, slowly and steadily for a better skill-based education and outcome-based knowledge. When things move on, I will have satisfaction and retire from my active academic life. 
There was discouragement from many for moving to this far away land and at the same time encouragement from many to accept the administrative post in this beautiful place of Naga People. Of course it is a challenge to be away, more than 3000 km from home and familiar ones. However, time will offer loving people around here to make my life comfortable and productive. 
       A secret wish fulfillment... second phase of my doctoral research... the people look very similar to the Cordillera indigenous people in the Philippines where I did my doctoral research...
I wish and pray that my commitment to the pursuit of knowledge will increase to the maximum in the coming years. Seven Sisters save me…

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