Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Independence day...

Yesterday evening (14th August) when I turned the TV to watch the news, almost all the English channels except one in my TV were broadcasting an emotionless speech by the President of India.  I did not understand anything as it was in Hindi or Sanskrit or Urdu, French… I don’t know. 
Indians are aware that the President was appointed by the ruling party and he is a rubber stamp.  I have never heard President of India acting or taking any serious decisions regarding the so many social evils that are tarnishing the image of India globally.  The social fabric of the Indian society is changing, people are threatened here and there, mob culture is increasing, crime against women are on high, poor are becoming poorer, corporates are earning at the blessing of the government, no much social welfare schemes to reach out to the needy, religious intimidation, corruption, .....Still he was lecturing for hours as if he is going to do something great for the country on the independence day…

This morning when I woke up a little late due to the holiday, another man was shouting, literally, must be telling some more lies I suppose (as I did not understand anything) like the many he said earlier, and telling for the last 4 years  …  black money, 15lakh deposit for every citizen, lowering petrol price etc…  and in the evening many TV channels are debating on these two people’s rhetoric. what a waste of time and energy... I don’t understand the meaning of 
this annual ritual…. If we don’t celebrate the 
(photo courtesy India Today)

freedom we got from the British annually, are we going to die, or India is going to disappear from the world map OR, if you salute the flag and force everyone to say vante madaram Indians living conditions will improve….For the last 72 years this ritual is going on… what a wastage of money, time, manpower...  may be we have stop this stuff… may be 100th year…or 150 etc can be celebrated just to remember the history…. Otherwise meaning less…Just a thought… By the by... One humble request... don't send me to Pakistan labeling me anti-national for writing this, as I often hear from some politicians of the most corrupt order in India,  ... the situation there is worst than here... send me to some developed countries where I can contribute more... (Just a second thought.. )

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