Monday, November 19, 2018

Architectural Psychology

Architectural Psychology: Space, Psyche, Enigma & Symbols
ISBN: 9781974307715

Whenever a constructed structure or a building is seen by human eyes, an effortless, simple, normal message is transmitted to the brain (which psychologists call sensation) to be understood and interpreted that consecutively takes a person to another realm of reality, into a world of excitement because of the instant influx of warm blood flowing up and down in the arterial and venous system, which is a standard biological reaction of the body to any emotions and a general response of the brain’s nerve impulse when perceptions take place, not as simple as it is understood, but in fact the brain activates more specific neurons to search through its previously established neural networks for some past datasets from simple memories which are conscious, semiconscious or complex hidden patterns of enigmatic unconscious, so that it can easily and quickly comprehend and interpret the experience, if not, instant decision to be made to create new neural networks to interpret as well as to save the specific sensation and perception for future references by activating neo-neural pathways that again raises the oxygen and the blood flow in the brain due to the exodus of electrical signals along the neuron’s dendrites that successively produces excess of excitement to make a person reflect further on the building, into the psychic expression of the architect, and the one who commissioned, think deeper and explore the enigma behind the aesthetic beauty in fractions inch by inch, overt and covert symbols in angular aspects bit by bit or, to remember forever collectively as an architecture. All these happen in a microsecond.

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